We Now Live In Year Of Mobile

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Your customers are on mobile!

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You Need to Know

“The brand who are doing mobile advertising are seeing massive ROI”

Advertising Revenue

Campbell’s (a global food company)
Used mobile ads to increase in-store sales

Result : in-store sales increased by over 7% (4x ROI)

A report by comScore reveals that in 2016, 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile, 4% up from the previous year

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, mobile advertising industry experienced a worldwide growth of 65% in 2014, reaching $31.9 billion

The Moment of Change

Old World

  • One way communication
  • 65% Digital ads are ignored
  • 50% Click on mobile ads are accidental
  • Fake impression count
  • Double count impression
  • Unmeasured sales impact

Smart Mobile Advertising

  • Verivied Audience
  • Ads channel with proof of watch system
  • Promotion
  • Research

New World

  • Two way communication
  • Lead and sales generation
  • Effective ads (ads testing)
  • Efficient ads buying
  • Valid unique user count
  • Audience demographic data

Study Case

Lead & Sales Generation
Ads Testing
Market Insight
Purchasing Behaviour Targeting

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